About Us

Oy Vey is an outward-facing, inclusive, and unapologetically Jewish hub located in the former Jewish Quarter of Amsterdam. We are working towards creating a Jewish cafe, opening a co-creation project hub, establishing a Jewish art gallery space, facilitating a beautiful workshop location, and a funkadelic all-things-Jewish shop.

Currently we are building a community around Oy Vey by creating bi-weekly get togethers in the Moishe Pod, events at our Oy Vey hub and brainstorm meetings together -preferably paired with good sjabbes food- to envision the near and distant future of the Oy Vey community. We would love for you to get involved!

Our vision

We envision an open and inclusive space where positive, contemporary Jewish culture can thrive. Where community can grow around this vision for a Jewish cultural space; where all individuals – regardless of a religious denomination- can experience an inclusive and stimulating space in which they can be themselves – and meet others.  

We believe that the ability to express, enjoy, celebrate, co-create, remember and relate to our cultural tradition and heritage is elemental to honest civic, creative and nurturing discourse and ultimately the well-being of our community. We are looking to be that easily accessible (open), inclusive space that connects people, initiatives, ideas and different expressions of contemporary Jewish culture. 

With this we are addressing a profound need for coming together around Jewish culture in the broadest sense of the word. We facilitate our community with our cafe, co-creation project Hub, workshop space, gallery, on- and- offline shop named Krom.

Our location:

Our contemporary, hip, and inviting space is located in the Uilenburgersjoel, a monumental synagogue building from 1766 in the heart of the Old Jewish Quarter in Amsterdam. The building has an open courtyard, the main space with a balcony, a downstairs area, several smaller rooms, a coat check, toilet facility, and a professional kitchen. There are plans for the renovation of an unused adjacent building on the premises – which we are very excited about at Oy Vey! We love that the space for our Oy Vey community is not only beautiful and in a great central location in town, but that it is infused with Jewish cultural and historical value.

Our partners across Europe

Working towards creating vibrant Jewish cultural life is not something one does alone. We have established valuable and amicable connections to some of the best forward-looking European Jewish socio-cultural projects. These folks are working on similar strategies for community building and participation and are simply talented human beings with a shared vision. Together we work towards creating a sustainable European Jewish community. 

A shout out to our friends and colleagues

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