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We present to you an archive of Oy Vey newsletters so that you can stay up to date with what we are doing now and in the past. Jewish in the Netherlands? Jew-adjacent? On the Jewish spectrum? Looking to connect to Jewish roots? Feeling a bit out of place in Jewish institutions? Maybe we have something for you. It’s here that you can find out more about Oy Vey’s gatherings such as our Shabbat potlucks, Havdalah meditations, the Jewish Manifesto, the Deviant Yeshiva, and other events.

Wij presenteren u een archief van Oy Vey nieuwsbrieven zodat u op de hoogte kunt blijven van wat wij nu en in het verleden doen. Joods in Nederland? Joods aangrenzend? In het Joodse spectrum? Op zoek naar verbinding met Joodse wortels? Voelt u zich een beetje misplaatst in Joodse instellingen? Misschien hebben wij iets voor u. Hier vind je meer informatie over de bijeenkomsten van Oy Vey, zoals onze Shabbat potlucks, Havdalah meditaties, het Joods Manifest, de Deviant Yeshiva en andere evenementen.

Sivan-Events, Cheesecake, and more!

Sivan-Events, Cheesecake, and more! A group of people sitting on top of the word "sivan" taking selfies and chatting, while a giant cheesecake floats over their heads

Jewish? Jew-adjacent? On the Jewish spectrum? Oy Vey has events and discussions for you! Join us for Shabbat, Havdalah, The Jewish Manifesto, and the Deviant Yeshiva. Come to one or come to all. You are welcome. Big plus: We’ve got a cheesecake recipe you’ll want to try. But first, your Jewish horoscope. Your Jewish Horoscope […]

Celebrate Adar

Celebrate Adar

Purim, Pesach, and beyond with Oy Vey! It’s Adar, a month of mirth according to our Jewish horoscope. We plan to celebrate with a Purim Shabbat and maybe even by dressing up in costume. Speaking of costumes: Have you ever felt like an imposter in Jewish spaces? We know we have. Whether it’s because we […]

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