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Chanukah Shabbat! Vegan Potluck

What brings light into your life?

That’s the theme of our Channukah Shabbat. We’d love to hear your responses when we gather together.

And speaking of light: We’ll be lighting lots of candles at our Channuka Shabbat on Dec 23. We’d love it if you brought your own Chanukkiah with you to light along with us.

Bring  a vegan dish if you can. Our gracious host, NieuwLand, is vegan-only, which works well for some traditional latke-eating, especially if you eat yours with applesauce.

These gatherings are co-creations with you, so bring your traditions, songs, dreidels, Chanukkiaot, and questions with you. We cannot wait to share this Shabbat with all of you.




Dec 23 2022


18:00 - 22:30

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