Virtual Shabbat Shakshuka Dinner – Moishe Pod Amsterdam

Hi to all of you, it’s been a while! We hope everybody is doing well. We miss having you around the house and that is why we want to get together, online with a Shabbat Dinner. We start before the Shabbat officially starts so every one of us can participate if they want.

For this dinner we want to ask two things from you:
1. We thought it would be fun to enjoy the same dish so let’s all make Shakshukaaaa! It is a very tasty, easy, healthy and cheap meal. If you need help preparing this meal: we made a tutorial on how to make Shakshuka with an Israeli salad. We will put the video online soon.
2. We want to ask you guys to prepare something to say, around 2-3 minutes. This can be a short story, a joke, maybe a prayer or a monologue. ANY-THING. We ask this because, with more than 4 people in a Zoom meeting, it’s not easy to have a conversation. We don’t want it to be quiet but we also don’t want to be the only ones unmuted. SOOOO, be creative (or not). Screen sharing is an option but that needs to be done through us. If you need help, have questions, let us know! ♥

Okay, so we hope to see a lot of your pretty faces on this date. See Zoom link below:


May 15 2020


18:00 - 21:00

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Facebook event

Facebook event
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