Jewish Response to Crisis: a Virtual Shiur with Josh Weiner

Join us for a virtual shiur with Josh Weiner on a topic that we find important in these times of pandemic: how can we respond to a crisis such as this one, in a Jewish way.

Jewish response to crisis always involves looking back in our collective memory. It turns out we have, un/fortunately, a lot of experience with plagues, contagion, “evil air”, and the anxiety and insecurity that come along with them. Join us for an exploration through the ancient texts, and a discussion of what we can take from them into our own lives.

Josh Weiner. Grew up in Jerusalem and London, and studied social work at the Hebrew University. Worked as a tour guide in Jerusalem, Ethiopia and Uzbekistan; in rehabilitation for victims of trafficking and slavery in Israel; and as a teacher in a kindergarten in Berlin. Currently studying at the Zacharias Frankel conservative rabbinical school in Berlin, he is involved in several educational initiatives in the city. These include the ‘Berlin Tisch’ project, empowering home-based Jewish life outside of official institutions, and the Kreuzberg Beit Midrash, an open-minded home for serious Jewish skills and thinking.



May 13 2020


20:00 - 21:30

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