Hub – Jewish Creatives

The Oy Vey Hub is a space for community members, leaders and shakers, idea makers, creators, visionaries and artists to meet, work and learn. We believe that a vibrant community needs ever-evolving social and cultural grass-roots initiatives. We also know (firsthand, mind you..) how difficult it can be to get your idea off the proverbial ground, how helpful it can be to bounce ideas off your peers and how welcome it is to receive some mentoring and superpractical networking opportunities. On top off that, we are here, a whole community rooting for your project and ready to support you!

Open & Inclusive Intiatives

Out-ward Facing

Jewish Values

We are working towards a reality in the near future where our hub coordinator will be present in the Oy Vey hub on set times to help, teach, coordinate and guide the hub participants. For the time being, if you are a Jewish creative, or you have a kick ass Jewish project you are working on, please reach out to us and we will get you hooked up to all that you need.

We facilitate networking and across the board collaborations between existing institutions, organisations, lone rangers and new initiatives. We offer support to Jewish projects in the form of inspiration, one-on-one mentoring, professional development and skill building sessions. This means you can find yourself a workplace, a networking space, a learning environment AND a potential location for your activities, projects and events – smack in the Amsterdam city centre. 

We connect local individuals and organisations to a broader Jewish network of organisations -both in the Netherlands and abroad- that express and support inward-looking and outward-facing, open and inclusive Jewish identity and values. 

Through this we aim to support, amplify and sustain Jewish life and community in the Netherlands -always in relation to the Dutch society at large and within a global context. 

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