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Oy Vey Amsterdam is proud to be a partner with Base Berlin/Hillel Deutschland for the Kreuzberg Kollel!

The Kreuzberg Kollel is a pluralistic learning collective that meets every Monday from 9:15 AM-3:30 PM. Through intensive study of Torah, Talmud, and more, we aim to internalize our texts and traditions and use them to find our own voices. 

The Kollel is open to Jewish adults (18+) with an open mind and a thirst for learning. It will be an unabashedly inclusive space for Jews who would not typically have access to a “yeshiva” environment for reasons of systemic exclusion and prejudice—especially women, LGBTQI* Jews, Jews of color, unmarried people, Jews with a migration background, and others.

Please see more information about the Kollel here

what: Kreuzberg Kollel
where: at Oy Vey in Amsterdam (exact location for the classes will be announced shortly). Part of the day we will be gathering online with our Kreuzberg friends. Part of the day we will engage in in person learning, corona volente.
when: every Monday from 9:15 AM-3:30 PM. This Kollel will start February 15h and run through to June 28th 2021.
how: click here for the application. Deadline is January 20th, and the first session of the Kollel begins February 15th!
how much: the Kollel is free of charge for everyone. What we ask is commitment to show up and learn together with us.

About the Kreuzberg Kollel

The Kreuzberg Kollel is a communal learning space geared towards in-depth, committed Jewish learning, and an incubator for developing new talent and creative Europe-based teachers rooted in the Jewish tradition.

Kollels, houses of higher Jewish learning, have traditionally been reserved for married Orthodox men. Many Jews who are passionate about learning have felt frustrated by the imperfect options available, finding the small groups in the synagogues, pursuit of academic degrees in the universities, or going abroad to learn limited or inaccessible. Women and other marginalized groups are even more limited in their learning opportunities.

The Kreuzberg Kollel aims to be both open and deep, inclusive and dedicated. Participants of all genders and Jewish backgrounds commit to one day a week of intensive Bible and Talmud study. In addition, participants will be able to propose independent study paths and take part in diverse, comprehensive afternoon seminars with guest lecturers from around the globe.

The Kreuzberg Kollel will serve as a local training ground to create a larger cadre of open, compassionate, self-confident, and textually rooted Jewish educators.

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