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Oy Vey with pride flagcheesecake with a slice missing and blueberriesSukkotviering joodse culturele vereniging Oy Vey gemengde groep Joden met Lulav voor buurthuis het AnkerMarloes steekt de menorah aansmall teddy bearveganistische sinaasappel cake voor kislevPlanting a sapling in dirt

Am I Jewish enough to participate?

(The answer is probably yes)

  • I’m not religious… (Jewish enough)
  • I don’t know any other Jews… (Jewish enough)
  • I have a Jewish father or one Jewish grandparent (Jewish enough)
  • I’m a convert to Judaism… (Jewish enough)
  • I know nothing about Jewish stuff… (Jewish enough)
  • I had a BLT sandwich for lunch… (Jewish enough)
  • My specific concern is not on this list and I am super anxious about it!!!

Mazal tov! probably nobody’s more Jewish

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