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Petition for peace in Israel / Palestine

Nation shall not lift up sword against nation and they will never again learn war
Door oy vey

Join our urgent appeal to the cabinet: Urge an immediate ceasefire, the release of the hostages, and humanitarian aid to Gaza!

UPDATE 12 DEC: The war on Gaza continues with more than 17,000 casualties. The temporary pause in fighting has not led to a cease-fire. It is more important than ever that we continue to speak out against this destructive violence and for a lasting solution.

UPDATE 23 NOV: Since we published this petition more than 4500 children in Gaza have been killed. The charity Save the Children reports: “Over 4,630 children have been killed so far. That surpasses the annual number of children killed across the world’s conflict zones since 2019.” Netanyahu’s government has ignored the pleas of many families of the hostages. With a temporary ceasefire deal made, we remain firm in our calls for a return of the hostages and lasting peace for Palestinians and Israelis.

Over the past week, we have all been deeply affected by the violence in Israel and Palestine. Hamas’ horrific attack on civilians in southern Israel has claimed the lives of more than 1,300 people. Around 200 people are being held  hostage by Hamas in Gaza. At the time of this writing, the callous retaliation from Israel has already resulted in more than 3,000 Palestinians killed, including nearly 1,000 children. As a Dutch Jewish organization, we are deeply concerned about what lies ahead.

Both Palestinians and Israelis, meanwhile, have thousands of wounded to care for and even more are being left with traumas that will last a lifetime. Hundreds of thousands of Gazans have been forcibly displaced and have nowhere to go. They have no access to basic human needs like clean water and fuel. We are filled with anger and horror and cannot continue to helplessly stand by.

From the Dutch government, we expect leadership and a vision for the future. Revenge, violence, trauma, or pain have never led to peace and security. The occupation of the West Bank and the blockade of Gaza, nor Hamas, have not brought lasting peace, security, or the prospect of a better future for anyone. They have only created more innocent victims.

We call on the Dutch cabinet to act now and insist on:

  • An immediate ceasefire
  • Immediate release of all hostages in the Gaza Strip
  • Access for humanitarian aid to Gaza
  • International support for a plan for lasting peace through diplomacy
  • Prevention of anti-semitism and islamophobia through education and dialogue aimed at all levels of Dutch society.


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