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17 May Oy Vey Shabbat Dinner

Oy Vey Shabbat 17 Mei

What could be better than sharing a Shabbat meal with the Oy Vey crew in Amsterdam? Find out for yourself when you join us for an Oy Vey Potluck Shabbat.

Oy Vey organizes Jewish events in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. On May 17, Oy Vey welcomes you to our (almost) monthy Shabbat Potluck dinner in Amsterdam! Our events are made by you and what you bring to them. The one thing all of our Shabbat dinners have in common is a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

This time our Shabbat dinner will be held in a location with no stairs and the restrooms are on the ground floor.

Doors open: 18.15

Dinner ready: around 19.00

What to expect at our Shabbat potluck

Oy Vey provides a vegan main course and vegan challeh. For those of you who can, we ask that you bring a side dish or dessert. You don’t have to bring enough for everyone, of course. That’s the beauty of a potluck. If most people bring a littler there will be more than enough. You might want to bring a to-go container to bring home leftovers even!

Beyond that expect welcoming conversation, a bit of ritual, and whatever participants bring to the event. We might sing together. We might dance together. We might cry together. It’s all up to you.

Please register for the Oy Vey Shabbat

Are you worried about whether or not you are Jewish enough for an Oy Vey Shabbat?

If you’re worried, you’re probably Jewish enough to attend. Check out our chart.

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