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20 April - Havdalah Reimagined

Havdalah reimagined written across a night sky. Tali sitting cross-legged with her guitar while the beautiful curly headed Lievnath looks on.

Private location in Amsterdam

20/04 19:15Location will be mailed

Oy Vey Reimagines Havdalah

Oy Vey hosts Jewish events in the Netherlands including a regular Havdalah meditation, the ritual that separates the holiness of Shabbat from our day-to-day life.

Join us on Saturday evening, 20 April for a Havdalah meditation to mark the moment between the restfulness of Shabbat and the start of the week in which we return to our never-ending-to-do-lists. We reimagine together what Havdalah can be and infuse it with (kabbalah) teachings from our Jewish calendar. If you can’t make this one, we try to host Havdalah Reimagined once a month.

With Tali (song & guitar) and Lievnath (meditation).

Doors open: 19.15

Wondering if you are Jewish enough for Havdalah?

Havdalah is the ritual that separates Shabbat from the rest of the week. It’s a ceremony that celebrates our senses: we smell spices, light a multi-wick candle and enjoy the look of the flames reflected in our fingernails. There is music and prayer. In the Oy Vey reimagination of Havdalah, we sing, meditate, and share space with each other. You don’t have to know anything about Havdalah to join or think of yourself as religious. If you don’t know any other Jews, you will after joining Oy Vey’s ceremony. And don’t worry if your father is Jewish or you converted or haven’t done anything Jewish in ages. You are welcome.

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