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20 Jan: Havdalah Re-imagined

havdalah reimagined 20 januari 2024 met Tali en Lievnath

YogaZenter, Amsterdam

Derde Oosterparkstraat 8620/01 19:15

Join Oy Vey for a series of monthly Havdalah meditations on Saturday evenings to mark the moment between the restfulness of Shabbat and the start of the week in which we return to our never-ending-to-do-lists. We reimagine together what havdalah can be and infuse it with (kabbalah) teachings from our Jewish calendar.

With Tali (song & guitar) and Lievnath (meditation).
Register here:

The cost of these sessions is €18 per person. However, we like to offer a sliding scale from 10 – 36 euro.

Oy Vey is working to become a self-sustaining community. This is why we ask for a contribution for our gatherings. Pay what you like/can. This money goes towards paying for the costs of building our collective community. It also helps cover costs for folks who cannot afford to pay. This is how we take care of one another.

Don’t let a contribution be a barrier to joining us. You are welcome whether you can pay or not.

Check out our calendar for other Jewish events in the Netherlands.

Wondering if you are welcome? Check out our handy chart:

Am I Jewish Enough? The answer is probably yes. I am not religious; I don't know any other Jews; I can't remember the last time I did something Jewish; I have a Jewish father or Jewish grandparent; I don't know anything about Havdalah; My specific concern is not on this list and I am super serious about it!!!! Mazel Tov! You're Jewish enough!