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23 Feb Shabbat Potluck Dinner

Woman has hands over her eyes and is saying the blessing over the Shabbat candles

Private location in Amsterdam

23/02 18:15Location will be mailed

Oy Vey Shabbat Dinner

Oy Vey hosts Jewish events in the Netherlands. Each month we try to host a shared Shabbat dinner in Amsterdam. We invite you to join us for a monthly shabbat dinner full of gezelligheid, new and old traditions, and pretty good food. This is an opportunity to connect with others and come together as a community. If you have a tradition or song or poem that you would like to share, please bring it along.


We create Shabbat together. Oy Vey provides a vegan main course and vegan challah, you bring your lovely selves, a salad, dessert, or drinks too.

In February, we are meeting in a private apartment, and there are lots of stairs. In March, we will meet in a place without stairs.

We look forward to seeing you and building community together. This time on Friday, 23rd of February. Register for more details.

Are You Wondering if You Are Jewish Enough?

Shabbat is the gift of rest we give to ourselves each week. We mark the division between our everyday lives and this special time outside the buzz of work and the business of the rest of the week. If you are wondering if you’ve never marked Shabbat before, let a dinner with us be the first time you do. If you’re worried that you’re not religious enough or that your father is Jewish, leave those worries behind. For those of you who converted, our doors are open. If you don’t know any other Jews, don’t worry. You will after attending an Oy Vey event. We don’t care if you ate a ham sandwich for lunch or you don’t do anything Jewish. You are welcome to join us.

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