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26 April Oy Vey Pesach Seder

Pesach 26 April met wijn glassen en matzos

Private location in Amsterdam

26/04 17:30Location will be mailed

Oy Vey organizes Jewish events in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. So if you are wandering in the desert trying to find a Seder evening for your friends and family, wander no more. Sign up for Oy Vey’s Seder night on April 26th in Amsterdam Oud West.

What to expect from Oy Vey’s Seder?

  • Main vegan dish
  • Vegan Seder plates
  • A kids room with activities
  • A creative Pesach storytelling with songs and space for new ideas or questions. Let’s make it a fun and interesting journey together!

What we’re asking from you:

  • Please bring a side dish and/or drinks. Make sure the dish is either vegetarian or vegan and that it contains no gluten nor rising agents (no chametz). That also means no beer.😉
  • To bring an open & friendly attitude. We’ll be with a maximum of 80 people. Make new friends!

Sign up for the Oy Vey Pesach Seder

Pesach musings

For many of us, Pesach is a favorite holiday. It may be the holiday that most connects us as Jews. During the Pesach Seder, we pass on our origin story from one generation to the next. We enact the exodus from The Narrow Place in unique and shared ways. It is as though each of us had been present at the time. There is a lot of debate about the historical accuracy of the story of Passover. We argue that the importance of the holiday is not whether it happened or where it happened. The importance comes in the notion of shared liberation and shared fates. When the Pharaoh decrees that all male Hebrew babies should be killed, the fate of the baby Moses is in the hands of daughter of the Pharaoh. Growing up with the privileges of a royal foundling, Moses still feels kinship with the fate of enslaved people and suffers for their suffering.

The ritual of Passover reminds us that our survival as a people often requires us to flee before the bread has a chance to rise. Moreover, we are continually reminded that we were strangers once in a strange land. Comforting and welcoming strangers is asked from us in return. An Oy Vey member tells us that her family shared many stories of the importance of giving hospitality to strangers because of the Passover story. In these stories, any stranger could be the messiah and any stranger could one day be us.

Do you have stories and rituals particular to your family? Let us know.

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