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3-3 Deviant Yeshiva Special Session on Judeo Anarchy

Jewishness is equivalent to challenging power without claiming power.

Private location in The Hague

03/03 15:30Location will be mailed

Come talk about the judeo-anarchist possibility with Oy Vey’s very own philosopher

Oy Vey’s deviant philosopher Yoni Busquila,  a lecturer at Leiden University, will give a presentation and lead us in a discussion based on his lecture for Limmoed Netherlands, The No-State Solution: Boyarin and Levinas on judeo-anarchist possibility. Who knows what kinds of paths the discussion will take?

In an article introducing the topic for the online journal Vrijdagavond, Yoni writes about The No State Solution:

The central argument of the book is that Jewishness entails a form of non-conformity. Instead of demanding its own particularity, this postureactually amounts to a subversive presence wherever it is.

Read the whole article online.

Don’t worry if you have never read Boyarin or Levinas. You are welcome to join us!

Date: March 3
Time: 15:00
Location: Den Haag (the location is a private home with stairs)

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