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Chanukah Shabbat! Vegan Potluck

chanoeka kaarsen met tekst channoeka shabbat veganistische potluck amsterdam oost 2022

The Nieuwland, Amsterdam

Pieter Nieuwlandstraat 9323/12/2022 00:00

What brings light into your life?

That’s the theme of our Channukah Shabbat. We’d love to hear your responses when we gather together.

And speaking of light: We’ll be lighting lots of candles at our Channuka Shabbat on Dec 23. We’d love it if you brought your own Chanukkiah with you to light along with us.

Bring  a vegan dish if you can. Our gracious host, NieuwLand, is vegan-only, which works well for some traditional latke-eating, especially if you eat yours with applesauce.

These gatherings are co-creations with you, so bring your traditions, songs, dreidels, Chanukkiaot, and questions with you. We cannot wait to share this Shabbat with all of you.