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The Oy Vey Oneg Shabbat Experiment - 20 July

The Oy Vey Oneg Shabbat Experiment 20 July

Amsterdam, Amsterdam

20/07 14:30

Oy Vey offers Jewish events and activities in the Netherlands for people who identify as Jewish, are exploring their identity. Oneg Shabbat refers to the enjoyment of Shabbat. This is an experiment for us as Oy Vey. We’re inviting you to join us in a leisurely afternoon together that will extend all the way until sundown.

Discussion, Activities, Potluck Dinner, Havdalah Ceremony

Spend the 20th of July with Oy Vey! For those of you who want to explore the idea of Diaspora, our resident philosopher Yoni Busquilla will be leading a discussion on the topic in the afternoon, starting at 14.30. At 17.15, we will have an all ages workshop on Havdalah where we will make our own spice mixes and learn about the tradition (with snacks for kids). At 19.00 we will have a potluck dinner. The evening will close with a Havdalah ceremony. You can sign up for the whole day or for any part of it.

14:30: Deviant Yeshiva: Discussion of Diaspora

17:15: Havdalah workshop for all ages with snacks – children’s havdalah ceremony

19:00: Potluck dinner with vegan main course provided by Oy Vey

21:50: Havdalah ceremony

Come check out Oy Vey’s first Havdalah potluck dinner. We’re starting early on Saturday, 20 July with a Deviant Yeshiva Discussion and later to welcome families and children and anyone else who wants to create their own Havdalah spice mix and join in the pre-dinner fun. There will be snacks and an early dinner served so kids (and adults) don’t get cranky and hungry.

For those who’d rather come later – we will be there until around 22.30. At about 21.50 we will be enjoying the official Havdalah ceremony.

Oy Vey will provide a vegan main course and some snacks. We ask others to bring salads, desserts, drinks, or snacks.

Don’t worry if you have never done Havdalah or don’t even know what it is. There is no special skill needed to drink wine, smell spices, and light a candle! All you need is magic.

About Havdalah

Havdalah is a ritual that ends the Shabbat and eases us back into our day-to-day life. It happens when three stars appear in the sky, just after sunset. When that happens, we the sabbath is over. The ritual is a favorite for many of us. The basic ingredients are wine or grape juice, aromatic spices, and a multi-wicked candle. It begins with blessing over the wine or grape juice, followed by the blessing over the spices. The aroma of the spices is shared with all present. Third, we light the first fire of the week when we light a multi-wicked candle. Finally, we say a blessing to separate the holy from the mundane.

Are you wondering if you are welcome?

Am I Jewish enough for Havdalah? What’s more Jewish than asking that question?

Am I Jewish Enough? The answer is probably yes. I am not religious; I don't know any other Jews; I can't remember the last time I did something Jewish; I have a Jewish father or Jewish grandparent; I don't know anything about Havdalah; My specific concern is not on this list and I am super serious about it!!!! Mazel Tov! You're Jewish enough!