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Het Joods Manifest Discussion Group -Online

Vrolijke afbeelding met uitleg over chevrutah dat is gezelschap zoals in de ban van de ring samen leren als vrienden

Online event

16/10/2022 00:00Location will be mailed

The Jewish Manifesto project gives a voice to the lived experiences of Jews in the Netherlands. What do Dutch Jews need to feel safe and free in Dutch society? How do we effectively combat anti-Semitism? And what is needed to give Jewish culture and Jewish life a place in Dutch society? The manifesto is an attempt to answer all these questions and more. We aim to increase knowledge about Jews and to counter the tendency to reduce Jewish history in the Netherlands to religion, the Holocaust, and the state of Israel. Our history in this country is long and rich and our lives consist of so much more than trauma, war and pain.

Our online discussion sessions for Het Joods Manifest have been scheduled. We’re all learning together! Find out more here: Join Us!