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Mikveh in the sea

mikveh golf in zee

Scheveningen, Scheveningen

25/09/2020 00:00

On the morning before Erev Rosh Hashana, the beginning of (one of the!) Jewish new year(s) we invite you to join us for a mikveh in the sea. Dipping in the mikveh (any source of mayyim hayyim a.k.a. ‘living waters’ will do) is an ancient Jewish ritual of marking an event or transition (the monthly flow of menstruation, a marriage, a gender transition), of preparing oneself for something to come (the new year!), or of taking the time for yourself for whatever reason to connect with this Jewish water ritual.

We will gather at the beach in Scheveningen together with our Oy Vey mikveh guide – enjoy a cup of tea and an introduction to the mikveh and to Rosh Hashana, followed by a water ritual (for those of you who do not want to dip in the sea) or a mikveh dip in the sea.