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De moeder van mijn moeder is Joods

Klein Chai sierraad in de film De Moeder van mijn moeder is Joods van Eden Goldberg

Kriterion, Amsterdam

Roeterstraat 17005/05 17:00

Eden Goldberg | documentaire | 2023 | Dutch première
32 min | Dutch with English subtitles

Despite once being the most influential Jewish population in the world, Jewish life in the Netherlands remains elusive, seventy-eight years after the Shoah. For Dutch Jews who are not part of a religious community, the processing of the genocide overwhelmingly defines what it means to be Jewish today. They are connected to a traumatic past, have a complicated relationship with Israel, and experience deep-seated antisemitism in Dutch society. A more intimate and joyful Dutch experience of being Jewish hardly takes root. This film project is an expression of a quest to reclaim, reconsider, and make space for contemporary Dutch-Jewish identity and life.

After the film, Lilit Zeltsburg (The Jewish Manifesto) will engage in conversation with filmmaker Eden Goldberg about her film on being Jewish in the Netherlands and the upcoming Jewish Manifesto.


This film will be shown together with:

Some of My Best Friends

Neville Smith / Tom Heritage | documentairy | 1969 | 30’ | English

Both Jews and non-Jews reflect on what it means to be Jewish in 1960s Britain. The challenges of maintaining faith and culture outside Israel, and in a society where ‘Jewish’ and ‘English’ are seen as mutually exclusive identities, are insightfully explored; although some secular Jews wish to distance themselves from traditional Judaism and especially from Zionism (defining themselves simply as Marxists). Non-Jews stand ready to cheerfully perpetuate some of the old stereotypes, and we are treated to colorful snapshots of the Jewish community in London: the rag trade; a kosher butcher and restaurant. A particularly historical insight that still resonates today.

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