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Oy Vey Reads! The Diary Keepers by Nina Siegal

Unicorn reading Nina Siegel's book The Diary Keepers

Private location in Amsterdam

09/11/2023 00:00Location will be mailed

For our inaugural session of Oy Vey Reads, we’ll be reading Nina Siegal’s powerful book The Diary Keepers, available in Dutch as De vergeten dagboeken.

The book is based on diary entries from a collection of Dutch diaries written during World War II. The Diary Keepers looks at the history from the point of view of the people who lived through it, from a non-Jewish member of the resistance to a Jewish journalist who wrote of the daily activities at Westerbork. Nina, who is a journalist and writes for the New York Times, sums up each section of the book in a clear and concise manner.

This book is available in Dutch and English, which makes it the perfect book to read first! Plus, Nina Siegal lives right here in Amsterdam and will be coming to our first meeting to discuss the book with us! Bring your questions! And join us.

The book is available in both Dutch and English at the American Book Center, Atheneum, and Van Rossum.