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April 7! Pesach 3rd Night Seder & Potluck Shabbat!

vrolijke adar afbeelding met ratels

Het Anker, Amsterdam

Jacques Veltmanstraat 42707/04/2023 00:00

Make a Jewish connection at Shabbat in Amsterdam

We’re having a veggie potluck Shabbat on Friday, April 3in Amsterdam. Jewish connection, ritual, and conversation for all of us.

At new location: Het Anker in the New West, Amsterdam*
🕯️We start at 18:00 but with some flexibility so don’t be afraid to show up later or earlier
🕯️It is a potluck diner, so bring food or drinks to share
-vegan and vegetarian, salads, desserts, bread….

*The place is fully wheel chair accessible