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Rosh Hashana Gathering: Tashlich

Amsterdamse grachten met tekst rosh hashana 15 september tashlich viering met oy vey

Vondelpark, Amsterdam

Vondelpark 15/09/2023 00:00

Rosh Hashana Already?

Save the date: 15 September

APPROXIMATE TIMES: 16:30 for children and families and early birds; Grownup Tashlich at 18:30

Join us as we blend old and new together to create a new Rosh Hashana tradition for ourselves. The old tradition is Tashlich: a ceremony which involves casting our sins into the water. The new part is making this tradition our own. Tashlich is a new tradition for many of us at Oy Vey. So don’t worry if you have never heard of it or participated. You are welcome to join us and learn together.

What is Tashlich?

It’s the tradition of symbolically atoning for the year’s wrongdoings by symbolically casting them into flowing water.

For the Tashlich ceremony we try to find flowing water with fish.

In the Mahzor (prayer book for the High Holy Days) Lev Shalem, we read an explanation of Tashlich:

“Just as fish eat our bread and what is cast away becomes nourishment, so we pray that even our sins will eventually be turned to good effect in the world.”

We won’t use bread, since it’s not exactly good for waterbirds. We will use pebbles.

We will have activities for children & early birds starting at 16:30 on 15 September & a ceremony with snacks at 18:30 for adults.

As is custom, we are asking for a donation to Oy Vey to cover costs and to go towards our volunteer organization. This is voluntary of course. We are recommending between 5-36 euros per person to cover the cost of Rosh Hashana vegan and vegetarian tapas to go with our new ritual: ING Betaalverzoek


Oy Vey Junior Tashlich:
16:30 Inloop for children and families and early birds.  We’ll have snacks, drinks, and holiday treats like apples and honey.
17:00-17:45 Children’s program with activities, a ritual, and ending with the sound of the shofar.

Oy Vey Tashlich:
18:00 Inloop for adults. We’ll have snacks, bagels, and holiday treats like apples and honey.
18:30-19:30 Adult program with reflection, ritual, and the sound of the shofar.
20:00 Hang around, enjoy each other’s company, nosh

Place: Vondelpark (exact location coming)

FOR BOTH TASHLICH CEREMONIES, Oy Vey will provide apples and honey and some tapas. We know that a picnic with bagels isn’t the most traditional dinner for Rosh Hashana. We hope the good company and connection will elevate the simple meal.