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7 May: The Deviant Yeshiva – Face-to-Face

karl marx nodigt je uit voor deviant yeshiva

Private location in Amsterdam

07/05/2023 00:00Location will be mailed

We’ll be reading Cixous “Jewish colonial womanhood”

Uncle Karl invites you to join our reading group for radical Jewish texts/thinkers. We will be reading classic texts such as Walter Benjamin’s thesis on History, Levinas’ “Judaism and Revolution”, Helene Cixous, Andrea Dworkin and Gillian Rose. We also though it could be interesting to read Paul Gilroy’s afterwords to Bryan Cheyette and Laura Marcus’ “Modernity, Culture and ‘The Jew’”.

We will look at texts that deal with challenging elements of reality and use a Jewish lens to tackle the ideas in the texts. We want to get more involved with our own Jewishness and at the same time construct an alternative conception of what that Jewishness could mean.

Six sessions, starting the first Sunday in February. Your confirmation email will include the text for the session.

This is the overview of what we will read when:

7/5: Cixous “Jewish colonial womanhood”

4/6: Rose “is there Jewish Philosophy?”

2/7: Gilroy “Black/Jewish relationship”