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The Wedding Song

Moeder helpt dochter met trouwkleding in blauwe kamer in film The Wedding Song van Karin Albou

Kriterion, Amsterdam

Roeterstraat 17003/05 19:00

Karin Albou | feature film | 2008 | 97 min | French with English subtitles

Separated by war, religion, and love. United in friendship. Tunis, 1942: As the Allies advance in North Africa, two teenage girls, Myriam and Nour—one Jewish, the other Muslim—cling to the bond formed in their childhood. But the German occupiers promise to liberate Tunisia from Jews and French, and so the war seeps into their friendship. Myriam is no longer safe, and her mother wants her to marry a wealthy doctor to save them both. But Myriam does not want to marry, and the two best friends try to sabotage the wedding plans. After the wedding—oriental style—they discover what friendship truly means. With this bold film, Karin Albou (previously nominated for a César for La Petite Jérusalem) explores the intimate connections between Jewish and Arab culture.

Original title: Le chant des mariées

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