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Vigil – Palestinians and Israelis standing together for immediate ceasefire

gezamenlijke wake palestijnen en israeliers zaterdag 20 januari 2024 amsterdam

Stopera, Amsterdam

Amstel 120/01 17:00

Palestinians and Israelis standing together for immediate ceasefire

More than 100 days have passed since the Hamas attack on October 7th and the start of Israel’s destructive war on Gaza. We, Palestinians and Israelis living in the Netherlands, are horrified by the continuing violence and united in our grief. We call for an immediate and permanent ceasefire.

Decades of occupation and oppression have led to the current situation. We want an end to the suffering, death and destruction, and to the genocidal rhetoric against Palestinians that we have heard from Israeli government officials. We oppose the Israeli government’s choice of the path of violence instead of respecting the sanctity of life. We want all hostages and political prisoners to be returned safely to their homes, to their families. Violence will not bring a solution, and peace cannot be a zero sum game. The only way that anyone, Israeli or Palestinian, can be ensured of safety is through a mutual way forward in which the rights of all humans, no matter their national, ethnic or religious background, are respected and protected.

We, Israelis and Palestinians, stand together in recognition of our shared humanity. We are living proof that there is a vision for justice and freedom for all Palestinians and Israelis. Join us in standing together in a shared vigil and calling for an immediate and permanent ceasefire.

Date and time: January 20th, 17.00
Location: Amstel 7, Amsterdam, in front of the Stopera
Important: We request kindly that no flags, banners or protest signs be displayed.
In the spirit of sharing our grief, we ask that participants wear black.