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Oy, Have We Got a Month for You!

Olec Mün and Daniel Voskoboynik performing with Ruakh, photo by Maria Diez.
Door Tori Egherman

Get out your agendas! There’s a lot going on in the coming weeks.

Cheshvan 5783 – the month of coming down from the Highs of the Holidays and literally have ourselves a letdown. Did you know this is the only Jewish month WITHOUT a holiday? Let that sink in.

At a Glance

Nov 2: We have an amazing immersive musical experience coming up with Ruakh at the Uilenburgersjoel in Amsterdam
Nov 4: Oy Vey Acts is organizing a Shabbat celebration on Dam Square in Amsterdam in defiance of rising anti-Semitism
Nov 10: It’s Mokum Deelt Dapper: Conflatie Joden met Israel (Dutch)
Nov 18Vegan Potluck Shabbat Dinner at De Nieuweland
Nov 20: Online chevrutah session for Het Joods Manifest (English)
Nov 26: Havdalah ceremony in Amsterdam
Nov 28: Face-to-face chevrutah session for Het Joods Manifest

What is the sound of our ancestry? What is the music of our memory?

November 2, Ruakh Concert Amsterdam*

Join musicians Olec Mün and Daniel Voskoboynik for a concert and visual immersion into the sounds and faces of Jewish life at the beginning of the 20th century.

After the concert there will be time for a conversation with Daniel and Olec about discovering ways of relating to our past in our present day that go beyond the more classical ways of remembrance.

Spaces are limited, please register.

when: November 2
time: 19:30 – 23:00 – concert is between 20:00 and 21:15
where: Uilenburgersjoel, Nieuwe Uilenburgerstraat 91, Amsterdam
costs: pay what you can sliding scale from 18 – 54 euro (please contact us if the cost is in any form a barrier to you participating) *Daniel and Olec are also performing Ruakh in The Hague in a home-concert setting on Friday the 4th of November. 18:30 – 22:00 – register for Ruakh in Den Haag here.



Join us for Shabbat on Dam Square!

Oy Vey Acts Shabbat on Dam Square

November 4th, Amsterdam

Our protest will be a celebration! November 4th, some of us will be at Dam Square to welcome in the Shabbat Queen, and we hope you will join us! The time change means that Shabbat starts extra early, so we will be there at 17:00! Kiddush at 17:30. Bring your Jewish and non-Jewish friends.




Mokum Deelt Dapper: Conflatie Joden met Israel

November 10, Amsterdam


Joods? En hoe zit het dan met Israël? Heb jij deze vraag eerder gehoord? Wanneer je ergens hebt verteld dat je Joods bent? En hoe voelde dat dan? Heb jij je wel eens niet welkom of onveilig gevoeld vanwege (verkeerde) aannames? Hoe ga jij om met moeilijke vragen? In de volgende Mokum Deelt Dapper gaan we hierover in gesprek.

Mokum Deelt Dapper is een driedelige Joodse schmooze serie van gespreksavonden waarin we ervaringen uitwisselen rondom thema’s waar we als Joden in Nederland mee te maken hebben. We hoeven niets te fixen. Slechts het er samen over te hebben om te kunnen begrijpen hoe ieder van ons op een andere manier te maken krijgt en omgaat met dingen als antisemitisme, conflatie Joden met Israel, en inclusie binnen de Joodse gemeenschappen.

Wat? Een gesprek over de conflatie Joden en Israel (in het Nederlands)
Wanneer? 10 november, 20.00 uur
Waar? Amsterdam (Centrum)
Kosten? Gratis, er wordt gezorgd voor koffie/thee en iets lekkers

Meld je hier aan! Georganiseerd door Oy Vey in samenwerking met Joods Maatschappelijk werk en Crescas. De derde en laatste Mokum Deelt Dapper vindt plaats op woensdag 7 December en gaat over inclusie binnen de Joodse gemeenschappen. Zet ‘m alvast in je agenda!



Oy Vey Shabbat! Vegan Potluck

Oy, Oy, Oy, Oy Vey Shabbes

Nov 18, Amsterdam

Starting on November 18th we will do our best to have a monthly Oy Vey Shabbes gathering. Low-key, bring your own dish / favorite shabbes item / song.

Yonathan (who we lovingly call our rabbi) will alchemize it into a beautifully messy, gezellige shabbat. Just what you need. Registration is not necessary so feel free to just show up, but registering can help us organize better.

Register for the Oy Vey Shabbes here.

when: November 18
time: non-dutch 18:00 so feel free to come until 21:00
where: De Nieuwland, Pieter Nieuwlandstraat 93-95, Amsterdam. Vegan food only 🙂



Havdalah ceremony

Nov 26, Amsterdam

Join us for a series of monthly Havdalah meditations on Saturday evenings to mark the moment between the restfulness of Shabbat and the start of the week in which we return to our never-ending-to-do-lists. With the magical Tali Jael Gross, voice, song and guitar.

Register for Havdalah Meditations

when: November 26, 2022
time: 19:15 – 21:30
where: YogaZenter, Derde Oosterparkstraat 86, Amsterdam
contribution: sliding scale from 10 – 18 euro (please contact us if the cost is a barrier to participation)



Nederlands: “Als ik praat over hoe mijn identiteit onveilig kan voelen in Nederland, vragen mensen: Waarom ga je niet naar Israël? In plaats van: Waarom voel je je onveilig? Wat kan ik eraan doen?”

“When I talk about how my identity can feel unsafe in the Netherlands, people ask: Why don’t you go to Israel? Instead of: What makes you feel unsafe? What can I do about it?”

Joods Manifest Chevrutah Online AND Face-to-Face in November

Nov 20: Online chevrutah session for Het Joods Manifest (English)

November 28: Joods Manifest face-to-face chevruta

We’ve had our first Joods Manifest meeting online. It was so good to share our experience of being Jewish in the Netherlands. Check out this post highlighting some of our discussion.

And a big thank you to those of you who participated! You enriched the conversation!

Our first face-to-face session is in Amsterdam at Pakhuis De Zwijger on November 28.

when: November 28, 2022
time: 19:00-21:30
where: Pakhuis De Zwijger We have scheduled more online and in-person meetings! You can sign up for as many as you’d like – every conversation is different! Find out more here: Join us!



Talking Jewish Time in Vashti Magazine

For our Ma’agal European Jewish Calendar we got to write a little article on Jewish time… and why we love it so much. And why we’ve created this calendar. And why you should get your copy here. Our article appeared in ‘The Pickle’ – Vashti’s epic newsletter- and can be found here.



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