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Rites and Rituals

We are a people bound by time. We mark the division between different states, between rest and work, the mundane and the sacred, the full moon and the new moon, the time to reap and the time to sow. At Oy Vey, we engage in many of these rituals in our own way. We learn together. Mark time together. Celebrate together.


Monthly,we try to get together at least once for a potluck Shabbat dinner at a community center, someone’s home, or even outside. We’ve had quiet discussions, singing and ritual, laughter and reflection. The way we mark the division between work and rest really depends on who joins us. It is a growing and evolving tradition that we create together. We hope to see you there.


What’s more magical than marking the division between a time of rest and a time of activity? Havdalah is a ceremony that makes separation sacred. We mark the time with song, meditation, lighting the polytheistic candle and fragrant herbs. Whether you are new to Havdalah or celebrate it every week, you are welcome to join us.


As our community grows. we are getting better at marking Jewish events throughout the year. Keep your eyes open for the Oy Vey version of Jewish holidays such as Rosh Hashanah, Passover, Purim, and Hanukkah. And if you are worried if you are Jewish enough to participate, the answer is most likely YES.