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Jewish Study and More Coming up at Oy Vey

Upside down fire juggler on a red-orange background: Deviant Yeshiva - being jewish, being weird
Door Tori Egherman

Updates from Oy Vey, which offers opportunities for Jewish study and events in the Netherlands. In the coming month months and weeks, we will be offering opportunities for Jewish study with the Deviant Yeshiva and Ze Kollel, as well as a Shabbat oneg and Havdalah on 20 July.  

We closed the Big Oy Vey Evaluation, which had 51 respondents. It was great to find out how much we have positively impacted the lives of the people who participated in the study, as well as to discover areas that need improvement.

We are also launching the next edition of the Deviant Yeshiva, which begins in September. It will be face-to-face in beautiful Den Haag. Our resident philosopher, Yoni Busquila, has this to say about the coming 3 sessions:

Are you feeling weird? Are you having trouble explaining your Jewish identity, and why it is important to you? Welcome to the club! We are here to help…make you even more confused! We will read texts by weird Jews (and some non-Jews) about how weird it is to be Jewish. The idea is to create a safe space for conversations that never seem to have a place.

Read more and sign up for some fascinating discussions!

"Oy gevalt! I'm late for Talmud: Ze Kollel"

Join a 2000-year-old conversation!

Applications for semester 10 of Ze Kollel are now open!

The new semester of Ze Kollel runs from September 2 to December 16

Have you always wanted to study Talmud? Now is your chance to join our Ze Kollel program!

Ze Kollel is a communal learning space geared towards in-depth, committed Jewish learning. Participants of all genders and Jewish backgrounds commit to one day a week of intensive Torah and Talmud study.

Ze Kollel aims to be a place of personal and spiritual growth with the text as our guide and our fellow students as our companions.

Applications are open until July 31st.

Read more on the Oy Vey website and apply to join the conversation!

Coming up soon!

20 July The Oy Vey Oneg Shabbat Experiment

Oneg Shabbat refers to the enjoyment of Shabbat. This is an experiment for us at Oy Vey. We’re inviting you to join us in a leisurely afternoon together that will extend all the way until sundown.

Spend the 20th of July with Oy Vey! For those of you who want to explore the idea of Diaspora, our resident philosopher Yoni Busquila will be leading a discussion on the topic in the afternoon, starting at 14.30. At 17.15, we will have an all ages workshop on Havdalah (with snacks for kids). At 19.00 we will have a potluck dinner. The evening will close with a Havdalah ceremony. You can sign up for the whole day or for any part of it.

14:30: Deviant Yeshiva: Discussion of Diaspora

17:15: Havdalah workshop for all ages with snacks – children’s Havdalah ceremony

19:00: Potluck dinner with vegan main course provided by Oy Vey

21:50: Havdalah ceremony

More information here

From our members

19 July – Kabbalat Shabbat with Ruach Shalom

Time: 19.30

We will join together to welcome Shabbat with songs, prayers, and sharing about the parasha. This will be followed by a vegetarian potluck dinner. Please aim to arrive before the start time, whether on Zoom or in person. Be sure to sign up if you’re coming and say what food you will bring. Then we will send you a mail with the address.

You can attend either in-person or on Zoom. The location is accessible without stairs. Please sign up at, and you’ll be sent the location and Zoom link.