Social Justice – tikkun olam folks

This is a space for social justice action based in Jewish ethics and values. And also based on being a decent human being. As a minority culture, we are aware of blatant discrimination, structural racism and all kinds of mechanisms of exclusion in our society – both the global one and our local Dutch one.

Here, we explore subjects such as gender equality, feminism, climate action, ways to counter antisemitism and anti-racism, in an effort to contribute to a more just society.

Would you like to join us? Want to know more about these gatherings – or simply drop by our next conversation?

As a community response to the global demonstrations agains structural racism and policy brutality, we composed a solidarity statement that was signed by over 200 individuals from the broader Jewish community. You can still sign it in solidarity with people of color everywhere, including within our own communities.

Following the writing of the statement, we produced a Black Lives Matter kippa which is for sale in our krom. All proceeds go to BLM in support.

“In a free society, some are guilty, but all are responsible.”

Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel
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